About Us


The Communication & Information Club (CI Club) is the official student club that represents and serves the student body of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, Nanyang Technological University. Founded in 1992, the Club is now served by the 24th Committee.

The Club comprises of a 14-member Main Committee, six subcommittees (Business, Internal Liaison, Marketing Communications, Performing Arts, Social and Sports), and four ad-hoc committees: Freshman Orientation Camp, Dinner & Dance, Paparazzi Productions and Wee Trip.

The 24th Club is served by:


Nicole Lim, President

Famously known as ‘Tiger Mom’ due to her unabashedly-straightforward personality and loud yelling, Nicole oversees all projects in the CI Club and represents WKWSCI in the Union Council. With a fervent passion for a more sustainable Earth, Nicole is driven to provide the best events and services for her fellow WeeKids while being environmentally friendly.

Deep within this void deck aunty persona lies a heart that truly cares for her close friends and the close-knit community in WKWSCI. Truly fitting as the mother of the group, Nicole mothers thirteen children in the 24th CI Club.



Cherylyn Wee, Vice President

Although she is the oldest one in the committee (as a 26-year-old fourth-year WeeKid), sometimes everyone forgets her age because she is always talking about her love for fried chicken, wears a pineapple tart watch, and carries an Eevee around school. But if you really take the time to get to know the VP, you will know that she really doesn’t act like her age because she is the point of contact for all internal school affairs.

In trying to act like a freshman so that she get along with the the extended family of ad-hoc committees – Freshman Orientation Camp, Dinner & Dance, Paparazzi and Overseas Community Involvement Projects, Cherylyn obsessively takes photos and Insta-stories for upload to look like she has a happening life. In her spare time, she also enjoys debates or arguing with people over what to eat for the next meal.



Heather Seet, Honorary General Secretary

Known affectionately to her fellow CI members as “Hong En” (give it a second to sink in), Heather takes on the gruelling administrative duties of the club’s Honorary General Secretary with meticulous, obsessive delight. Although many doubt the legitimacy of her job scope, their opinions change when they try to take minutes for the first time. Armed with a bright smile, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and serve, Heather works to bring that dynamic WKWSCI experience into the lives of every WeeKid.





Justin Yeo, Financial Controller

Fuelled by his outlandish love for numbers and a deep passion to serve, Justin finds happiness burying himself in stacks of receipts and calculations as the Financial Controller of the 24th CI Club. With his diligence and a little help from Excel, Justin keeps the Club’s bankbook in check, while still making time to act as the resident loan shark.





Jonathan Teo & Wayne Huang, Business Managers

Often teased as the endearing idiot by the team, Jonathan proves himself otherwise in his work. He rallies his “BizyBeez” in a battle for sponsorships, vying only for the best items to sweeten the famous WKWSCI Exam Welfare Pack. His mantra, you may ask: never settle for less.

When Wayne isn’t on his MacBook – back-to-back with Jonathan – battling for sponsorships for WeeKids or maintaining partner relations, you can find him glued onto Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere that serves a perfect cup of coffee. Off-duty, he finds solace wolfing down a bowl of fishball noodles at a cosy coffeehouse.



Zhi Xin Lau, Internal Liaison Officer

As the Internal Liaison Officer, otherwise known as (L)ILO, Zhi Xin looks after the welfare of WeeKids in and out of events planned by the 24th CI Club. She liaises with food vendors and merchandise suppliers, while taking stock of WKWSCI merchandise. Zhi Xin has since assumed the role of mothering the WKWSCI community, as she finds great satisfaction in feeding and clothing her children.




9-marcommsFaith Koh & Kelley Lim, Marketing Communication Secretaries

When Kelley isn’t playing with her ragdoll cat, Magu, or getting allergies from her terrier, Kiko, she enjoys over-napping and crying over the piling amount of collaterals she has to design. Despite this façade, Kelley takes pride in creating visually-appealing illustrations of quality to uphold WKWSCI standards. She would also like the public to know that she thoroughly enjoys memes.

Although other CI members sometimes tell Faith to ‘chill out’, everyone is grateful that she is consistently on top of her game. She efficiently manages Marcomms documents and liaison, mothers the Marsupals subcommittee, and is always first to point out loopholes in the stupid (but creative) proposals from the Social Secretaries, while also dabbling into photography and videography herself.



Irwin Tan, Performing Arts Director

In a digital age where acronyms have officially taken over the world, WKWSCI students commonly refer to this dashing young man (Pictured) as “PAD”. Not to be mistaken as a nickname developed from an unfortunate event involving sanitary pads, Irwin (a.k.a. Zeph) is the Performing Arts Director for the 24th CI Club.

As the Performing Arts Director, Irwin is responsible for all the planning, technical, and artistic aspects of performances at events organised by the 24th CI Club. His goal is to provide new opportunities for budding artists in WKWSCI to express themselves, and to build a strong culture that supports art forms of all kinds.



Eugene Tang & Jovi Ho, Social Secretaries

Do we really need an introduction? We probably do.

Eugene and Jovi are not as Instafamous as they think they are, but they’ll admit it. In their free time (what free time?), Jovi bakes, writes, and talks about baking and writing, while Eugene pretends to listen as he swipes on Tinder.

Without the two of them, WKWSCI may be a lot more peaceful, but there also wouldn’t be any events. The Social Secretaries like to think that they give birth every fortnight, which is about the frequency of events planned by the 24th CI Club. With such a punishing schedule on their mind and figurative ovaries, do offer them a drink if you see them around the Benches. Eugene likes a cup of coffee as strong as he is (not very), while Jovi prefers Ribena because it’s sweet like him (not true).



Michelle Racho & Darren Ching, Sports Secretaries

You may be wondering – why would Wee Kim Wee, of all schools, even need Sport Secretaries for? Well, wait until Inter-School Games roll around. That’s usually when WKW students realise just how competitive (and competent) they can get. And you’d be thankful that your Sport Secretaries are here to fuel that.

Darren enjoys playing a variety of sports and is an avid cheerleader in his hall. When he isn’t running about conducting his CI duties, he enjoys travelling and taking good pictures. Michelle’s love for lounging compels her to be a bed-potato most of the time – smartphones have really enabled her to procrastinate in the most comfortable of positions. When she isn’t on her bum watching funny videos, she enjoys running on the field, chasing after a frisbee. Despite being an athlete, Singapore’s hot weather still remains the bane of her life.