Dear WeeKids,

Thank you for your unwavering support towards WeeWrite over the past few years. We’ve seen the WKWSCI community and culture grow stronger with each event, and we’re looking forward to many others in the pipeline and beyond.

When our alumni created WeeWrite, there was an interest among the student body to keep a journal of each event that brought us closer together. WeeWrite certainly thrived then, and many students enjoyed creating and reading the content here. Your active participation in and warm reception of WeeWrite and CI events have coloured the pages of this online journal.

But as cohorts enter and graduate, trends come and go. In this semester, we hope to embrace change alongside you.

With a heavy heart, we’re sad to announce that we have decided to take a break from WeeWrite due to a significant drop in interest, traffic and content contribution.

Looking towards the future, we will continue to engage you through Facebook and Instagram. As for WeeWrite, it will continue as an archive of past WKWSCI events and serve to remind us of the good times/beers shared.

As always, thank you for your support. We hope that you will continue to have a great semester!

With love,

The 24th CI Club

CoHASS Day 2017

cohass-theo-241-of-547Students from ADM, HSS and WKW set aside their differences last night, and gathered at the HSS foyer to celebrate #CoHASSDay2017 as one College.

“Food, Friends and Fun” was promised at our first ever CoHASS Day, and no promises were broken.


Hosted by WKW’s Barnabas and Lynn, the night started off by featuring past film projects by our very own WKW students. The films tugged at heartstrings, as I myself had to borrow Barnabas’ sleeve to wipe off a tear or two.

What followed was a whole night of performances, games, free food and drinks(!!!!) The ADM, HSS and WKW clubs made sure that no HASS student left bored or hungry.

With beautiful pastries from WKW’s very own @dee_bakes and the sponsored drinks from Singha, Desperado and Somersby, it was the perfect setup for a night of unwinding, and a pre-feast to the adjacent Chinese New Year celebrations.


Professor Cenite, Professor Bo and other lecturers of ADM and HSS graced the event with the Dean of CoHASS. Prof. Cenite was seen very pleased at the turnout and the amount of black merchandise that was made available at the event.


Many students could also be heard doing their best King Kong roars whilst beating their chests, but they were not drunk, it was just one of the many dares our Sports Secretary Michelle Racho dished out as part of Desperado’s games!

Sharing the stage were three acts each from each school and ADM’s Music District with a full band turned out to be the crowd favourites. Dozens of students formed their own mosh pit in front of the stage to watch Music District. “Wah really got Laneway feels” said Faith Koh.


Love was also in the air during WKW’s performances, as at least three people had declared their love for Weiyu, and expressed their intent in marrying her.

CoHASS day was the brainchild of the ADM, HSS and WKW club presidents to encourage the arts in school.

“WKW HSS and ADM are very different in many ways, culture for one, are worlds apart for all of us.” said WKW President Nicole. “But sometimes the best partnerships involve members with a diverse range of personalities. CoHASS day was heartwarming and very genuine.”

When asked if CoHASS day was fun, WKW student Gladys Lim summed it up perfectly. “It wuz.” said the 20-year-old.


Rife with emotions after the event, WKW President Nicole left us with a parting message, “We are all tired and glad it’s over peace out bye see y’all next year maybes”.

Article by Justin Yeo

Homecoming 2017


If you were wondering why you breathed in churros and popcorn yesterday afternoon, here’s what you missed.

Homecoming 2017: WKWSCI’s biannual event took place yesterday to welcome WeeKids back to school for another fast-paced semester.

With a catered buffet lunch and free churros, #Homecoming17 acted as a respite to typical hump days of squeezing at a crowded NTU food court.

Homecoming (98 of 164).jpg

As soon as lunch-time struck, lines of hungry students were served a scrumptious lunch with piping-hot popcorn and churros at the side.

The WKWSCI Benches is a place close to home for WeeKids. This year’s rendition, themed after the F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV series, featured a homely setup at The Benches to allow WeeKids to catch up with each other over food, drinks, and board games. With the Inter-school Recreational Games (ISRG) just around the corner, board games gurus lined up to take shot at Scrabble, Othello, and more.

Homecoming (147 of 164).jpg

Meanwhile, other students made themselves comfortable on cushy floor rugs, feather pillows, and leather chairs while episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S were aired in the background. It was a quintessential get-together across the batches.

Unlike most CI events, #homecoming17 was unique. It was held in the afternoon to cater to both students who do not stay in hall or the ones who feel that a Friday should be spent at home with family.

The highlight of the event came in the form of an instant photo booth machine. Like true WeeKids, the students quickly indulged in the back-to-school vibe, and were exhilarated to bring home photo souvenirs.

“I really enjoyed the homely vibe presented by the mini “living room” concept at the photobooth. The lighting was also soft and natural, which was a plus,” said Jovi as he charged into another group shot.

As with all good things, #Homecoming17 concluded by late afternoon with a loud group cheer to a fantastic semester ahead in Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

Fret not, the party doesn’t stop at Homecoming, join CI Club as the college celebrates College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (CoHASS) Day on Thursday, 26th January 2017. There will be ALCOHOL.

Written by: Wayne Huang

ISG 2016/17, Women’s Squash

Together with Swimming, the Squash event closed off the NTU Inter-School Games (ISG) 2016/17.


The #TeamWKW Squash Team (Men’s) went up against opponents from National Institute of Education (NIE) and Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (Medicine) at the Squash event yesterday (Dec 22).

Comprising Syed Ebrahim Bin Syed Abdulah Al-ldrus, Ignatius Koh Choon Jin, and Tan Chun Lin Nicholas, the Men’s team lost to squash teams from both NIE and Medicine.

Commenting on their performance, Sports Secretary Michelle Racho said, “The team really tried very hard. Nicholas was flying everywhere to receive the ball.”


In the match against NIE, Nicholas and Syed played the first and second sets respectively. Despite his multiple dive attempts to receive the ball, Nicholas lost to his NIE opponent 7 – 3.


Following his 7 – 1 defeat, Syed also conceded, “We were up against really good players so I’m happy I scored a point.”

The Men’s team was represented by Ignatius and Nicholas in the second match against Medicine. Despite their best efforts, Ignatius and Nicholas both lost 7 – 2 to their opponents. Ignatius admitted that the team did not perform as well as they did during trainings, but added, “Honestly I think we played well lah, but the opponents were just better than us. It’s not that we were lousy.”

Results of the WKW Squash Team (Women’s) on Friday (Dec 23) mirrored our Men’s team. Our Women’s team, comprising Rachelle Lye Wan Xin (Captain), Wee Rae, and Thng Yu Min Clare, lost to opponents from the Nanyang Business School (NBS) and School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).


In the first match against NBS, Rae took the court with her strong swings and defeated her opponent 7 – 1. Teammate Clare commented that Rae’s performance was a “landslide victory with a slight hiccup.”


Clare – a tennis player who had picked up squash just a week ago – was not too bad herself, losing to her opponent by a margin of just 7 – 4.


Despite being skilled in squash, Rachelle was unable to hold off the rapid smashes from her powerful opponent, and ultimately lost 7 – 2. While exiting the court, Rachelle demonstrated her sportsmanship, complimenting her opponent’s skills, “She’s very good lah, and she’s also very nice.”

Although victorious in her first set against NBS, Rae’s HSS opponent proved too strong and Rae lost her set to HSS 7 – 3.

In the next set against HSS, Clare played against another skilled tennis player and lost 7 – 3.


Rachelle came back stronger in her set against HSS and won 7 – 4, proving her tenacious desire to win a medal this ISG.


Although both the Men’s and Women’s teams had trained hard and tried their best, they did not qualify for the quarterfinals. As Clare candidly remarked, the team was able to “pang-gang, go back hall and sleep in air-conditioned room.”

Till next year, ISG!

Article by Lau Zhi Xin

Edited by Jovi Ho

ISG 2016/17, Swimming

Swimming and Squash (Female) made for a nail-biting finale to the NTU Inter-School Games (ISG) 2016/17 on Friday (Dec 23).

Friday morning convened 9 aces from the #TeamWKW swim team to give other faculties a run for their money. Aivee Song, Au Yeong Hui Wen, Hong Li Xuan, Lee Jia Wen, Tan Chin Hong, Toby Wu Zhi, Wayne Huang, Darren Ching and Nicholas Teo represented #TeamWKW in the final event of the ISG 16/17 season.

First off, the men’s relay event (50 metres) saw the hunks of WKW made every stroke count. Although the clock was not in our favour, the team laughed about how much of a good workout it was.


While panting after his superb performance in the pool, Nicholas Teo was pleased that he outdid himself. He commented, “I came here thinking I would drown but I didn’t, and that’s already a win for me.”

Next up in the women’s relay (50m), former national swimmer Aivee Song made jaws drop with the speed of her Butterfly. For several moments, it was like watching the Olympics. Amongst the crowd, one could hear her being dubbed as “the female Joseph Schooling.”


It was a spectacular performance from the babes of the women’s relay team that could have earned WKW a trophy.


Alas, it came instead as a heart-breaking moment when the judges from the convening school, the School Of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) made the call that the girls committed a false start. It was a marginal oversight that was unfortunately strictly enforced, resulting in our disqualification.

Nevertheless, it emboldened the team, leaving us determined to show our opponents what we got.

After all, in WKW, we strive to do our best even if we don’t end with a win.

“Although we were disappointed about not being able to compete in the finals because of our disqualification, we tried our best and will be back stronger to win it next year,” said Aivee.

“We were one square tile away from the finals, but we’ll definitely be ten times more careful next year,” added Li Xuan.

The last event of the morning was the mixed medley. The team, consisting of Ching Hong, Li Xuan, Aivee, and Darren, came in 5th in the qualifying rounds. Although our team did not eventually make it to the finals, we celebrated with a satisfying meal at North Spine’s McDonald’s (not #sponsored).


Today, a stronger friendship was formed to pave the way for our swimming trophy next ISG. All in all, #TeamWKW fought the good fight in this last segment of ISG 2016/2017.


“Everyone did so well! I’m so happy to have participated and represented our school. Kudos to the sports secretaries, they were extremely supportive,” gushed Chin Hong.

From the bottom of our hearts here at the 24th CI Club, we would like to thank each participant and supporter who competed for WKW’s glory at ISG. You all deserve the credit for the success of the games.

Also, 3 cheers for our sports secretaries Darren Ching and Michelle Racho for their dedication towards ISG! They had been running day in and day out (literally) just for this purpose.

To the rest of our school mates, see you all at next year’s ISG! Cheers.

Written by Wayne Huang

ISG 2016/17, Volleyball

It was a mixed sport, but our Volleyball players were the only brave souls who fielded 5 female players out of the 6 on court.


Our opponents may seem big, their warm-up spikes may seem powerful, but that didn’t faze the team with a gender ratio of 8 girls and 2 guys.

With experienced players such as Clara Lee, Ysabelle Torres, Jovy Sim… and basically the entire team, WKW managed to hold our own against SCBE, scoring 11 points against the eventual semi-finalists.


The lack of kneepads definitely did not stop our players from their endless dives during the games, despite the initial worry at the start of the day.


“Wah everyone like damn zai sia, wear kneepad all,” said WKW Volleyball captain Ysabelle, rephrased for effect.

Sole experienced male player (chill Nicholas you are not forgotten), Marcus Lim, was generous with the spectacular saves.


He was not limited to the use of his forearms and fists, but even engaged his ankles, sending the incoming spikes flying high in the hall. One block with his face and he would’ve been the next Scott Sterling.


Training player Clara was a force to be reckoned with as well, relentless and merciless with her spikes. Despite the 8 long limbs of our next opponents, SCSE, belonging to the 4 guys on court, no one was able to return her attacks.

However, the force of the experienced male players on their team was tough to deal with, and SCSE eventually managed to win with a 10 point lead.

Nevertheless, our team put up an excellent, excellent fight. Our jaws were open for most of the two games, and the intensity shown led to supporters worriedly crying out for players to be more careful.


It was heartening that WKW did not go down without a fight, despite their first lost from the morning. The perseverance and focus shown today was commendable, the team displayed great teamwork while maintaining our motto of having fun.

Good job team WKW, and we hope to see our players next year at ISG once again!

Article by Michelle Racho

ISG 2016/17, Tennis

Tennis and Volleyball constituted midweek madness in the final week of the Inter-School Games (ISG) 16/17. We’re just 2 days to the end, everyone!


Held at the Tennis Courts (surprise), our 7 #TeamWKW players participated in five categories: Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, as well as Mixed Doubles.

This is your daily Wee Write reminder that the weather was disgustingly warm as usual. Carry on.


Under the deceptively tepid morning sun #TeamWKW narrowly lost to sports legends from the National Institute of Education (NIE). Team NIE edged out the Weekids in an unholy trinity of consecutive matches, scoring 6 – 1, 6 – 4, and 6 – 3 in the Men’s and Women’s Singles and Men’s Doubles matches respectively. With three out of the five categories complete, #TeamWKW conceded the fight against NIE.


Tennis, as we eventually discovered, is a stubbornly leisurely sport. With three hours scheduled for each pair of teams, this is the kind of activity possibly modelled after the lifestyles of upper-middle class Caucasian families. Petition for a Golf ISG next year, maybe?

Special mention to player Alicia Teng, who juggled cheer commitments while playing on the #TeamWKW Tennis team! Alicia played our final match as we entered the early hours of the evening, playing against the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS).


Echoing a version of our #TeamWKW motto, star player Kevin Wee called for an even more moderate pace of play. “We’re just playing for laughs,” commented the Year 2 Weekid. Playing for laughs won us 2nd place yesterday, however, so for now…

Let’s keep having fun.

Article by Jovi Ho